My mom is, and always has been, my biggest fan.

riddle and mom

My mom was incredibly young when she had my brother, sister and I.  And, growing up on Put-in-Bay, people seem to think that everyone has a lot of money. But, we didn’t. I didn’t know as a child, but looking back, we had many struggles that my amazing mother kept from me.

My parents were divorced when I was 5 years old, so she was a single mom raising three kids in her early 20’s. Yet, my mom was always making sure I had whatever I needed.  Every morning I woke up to go to school, and she always had my favorite cereal for me. On the island, we had a 1-hour lunch break to go home and eat, and my mom always had my lunch ready and waiting for me. Dinner was always on the table. I can’t imagine what my mom went through to provide these things.

Mom’s outlook on life was, and always has been, fun.  She is the mom that would constantly allow me to be me. She rarely held me back from much. She allowed me to work at a very young age and made sure she cheered me on all the way.

In High School, I played sports on the island, and you would have thought I was a starter for Duke! After games, I would go home to an amazing meal and listen to my mom telling me how amazing I was and how the other team were a bunch of bullies. To this day, she still has all of my High School pictures and other things from my youth around the house. I never doubted her love.

My mom has one of those personalities that just grows on you. Everyone who knows her feels blessed to be her friend. Yet, she commanded my respect from the beginning. I didn’t talk back to my mom.

In time, my mom’s hard work paid off and she came into some money, and yet in my mind nothing has changed. I love her for this.  I now look back and realize how fortunate I truly am.

The reason my mother is a Super-Mom is due to the fact that I didn’t know anything different. I didn’t know I was poor. I didn’t know we had struggles. I didn’t know what it was like to go without. Yet, she taught me to work hard, to have fun, and to enjoy life. She taught me that being kind, having patience, cheering other people on, and having a great personality can get you far in life.

So, this Mother’s Day Weekend, in honor of my mom, I want to recognize all the moms out there that do what they can. Those moms that sacrifice for their families…that love their kids fiercely…and that work hard. To those moms who don’t get any recognition when they truly deserve it.

Mom, Happy Mother’s Day–I love you!

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